Changes ...

I've always wondered .. am I in the right place, am I doing the right thing, what would things be like if I was somewhere else?! This might all be a huge case of the grass is greener but I moved to London by chance, I got into my career by chance and this is often how life pans out but if the path Not taken is the Right One – the one that will make you truly happy, the one that will let you live out all of those dreams that have been trapped, swimming around your head desperate to get out but slowing beginning to feel they might never get the chance … if a small window opens and you get a glimpse of what that other world, that other path, that other option might look like – hold on to your hats and run for it ! :)

This is what happened in the depths of the roller-coaster I previously mentioned I was low, I was feeling lost I really didn't know how and where and I was going to escape to. Then crunch time came, I fell off the hamster wheel but instead of feeling like I'd failed and let myself down I decided to climb through the window and see what was on the other side ..

I have a long way to go and a lot to build and develop I am uncertain, and apprehensive about what will happen and what I will achieve but one thing I do know for sure if I don't jump into this and give this amazing opportunity the best shot I can I'll continue with the dreams in my head, the if, buts and maybe and would probably never forgive myself! So if you're interested in how all this pans out and if I sink or swim please do come along for the ride ….

This post is for me and anyone else that wants to jump! :) keeping my fingers and toes crossed that all will be well, if you wouldn't mind crossing your fingers every now and again for me it would be most appreciated. I'll of course do the same in return x thanks x